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August 2019

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If my work is on Piapro, can I set a Creative Commons license?

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Linearia staff - Administrator
Normally, yes. When you set a work on Piapro, you must set a license or nothing (but this deactivates the downloading link).

Piapro's system asks to you two questions.

1) Do I set your name?
2) Can I modify your work?

All works on Piapro have got a NC license - that means that you can't use them with a commercial goal.

For setting a Creative Commons license on Piapro, you can set :


We recommend the 4.0 version and more (not the 3.0).

Activate the "attribution" condition in order to set a Creative Commons license. This is obligatory.

If you want to add a "ShareAlike" condition, untick "Original license" and write the code of the license CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 and add the link of the license :

If people go on this link, they'll understand what are the exact terms.

However, think to set the japanese link! You'll find it at the bottom of the page of the Creative Commons website.

You can't set a CC BY 4.0 license or a CC BY-ND 4.0 license on Piapro : the "NC" condition is automatically activated.

When the download for everyone (Piapro users) is activated, you can pretend to set a Creative Commons license. Just don't forget to write a link to their website!

If my work is on Piapro, can I set a Creative Commons license? 915020ban2
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